Re-configurable Land Based Training Simulator

This is a white paper I published during the 14th International Ship Control System Symposium held in Ottawa Canada in September 2009. 



Navies all over the world are constantly looking out for efficient training solutions which require minimal effort, cost and resource for training their personnel on the operation and maintenance of Integrated Platform Management Systems (IPMS). 

Duplication of valuable resources for the purpose of training the operators and maintainers on IPMS for different classes of ships is not a preferred approach for any Navy. This challenge calls for an innovative approach to training; a reconfigurable trainer which is readily capable of performing IPMS training for multiple classes of ships. 

L-3 MAPPS has developed an open architecture Land Based Training Simulator (LBTS) which can be configured to provide both operator and maintainer training for the Indian Navy’s modern stealth frigate and amphibious assault ship classes.

The LBTS is capable of being reconfigured for these two unique classes of ships in less than an hour. The open architecture design supports the need to upgrade & include future classes of ships. Furthermore, the effort needed to upgrade is significantly less compared to building an entirely new trainer. 

Navies can look forward to having a more Integrated Training Facility for multiple classes of ships using valuable common resources at a reduced overall in-service support cost.