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Survival of the biggest

–          Mahesh Hegde

This is a hypothetical theory I have come up with that, only the biggest companies will survive the 21st century.  The smaller ones will either shut down or get taken over.

Herbert Spencer first used the phrase  — Survival of the fittest — after reading Charles Darwin‘s On the Origin of Species — in his Principles of Biology of 1864

Inspired by the above, I would like to use the phrase / hypothetical theory — Survival of the biggest — in the context that every day in 21st century the newspaper is filled with news of mergers and acquisitions.

All of us (in India) have seen lots of “petty” shops in our lives, and I predict that by the end of the 21st century there will be no more small enterprises. The mounting pressure on delivering quality goods and lowest prices will require so much infrastructure and automation (in both office and on the production floor) that the small shops will not be sustainable over an extended period of time.

There will be exceptions. The small firms which will be doing well will get taken over by larger companies.

So, if you are still alive in the 22nd century people will not be asking you about your nationality. They will ask you which company. According to my theory there will not be more than 500 companies in the world. So the fortune 500 list will be changed to Fortune 5 list.

Every company would have diversified to such a vast extent that there will be no term called Business-To-Business (B2B). Every company will have its own virtual world (intranet) on the cloud. Employee numbers will have portability between companies, so if you change companies your employee number will remain, so will your bank and Provident Fund accounts.

All the worlds consultants / freelancers will have grouped together to form a global consulting pool (another big company).

Operating systems and computers will be obsolete, all you will require is a display plugged on to the cloud – no OS no Applications.

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