Trying out the flash rotator gallery

– Mahesh Hegde

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This is a standard template that can be used within a WordPress blog to have a flashy representation of your pictures


Travelling without a plan keeps you healthy

–          Mahesh Hegde

Most of the times when I or we a group of friends plan for a trip, IT FAILS, it fails miserably. Probably it never takes off. So my policy about a travel is – Never plan. I would like to quote an incident when we were in 3rd year of engineering and we all friends Planned a trip to Goa. The idea was first brought up by a friend who was the first to pull out of the plan then the rest of them followed. I am sure most friends who planned for this trip and reading this will know who I’m talking about.

When you do not plan a trip you are like having an open mind to go anywhere and do anything. So there is an element of surprise when you do not plan. In addition to it, there is also the excitement of what is going to happen next. This excitement keeps your tempo up and the blood pressure slightly higher than normal so when there is blood circulation in the body is good, which in turn keeps you healthy.

So if you want to be healthy travel without a plan. This, I feel is an extension of the famous statement “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” by Lao Tzu

I modify the above quote and say “A good and healthy traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”

! Caution: This blog is not meant for BP patients. 🙂  You guys better plan.

My First Blog

–          Mahesh Hegde

In my first blog I will write about why I decided to have a blog and how I went about creating my blog site.

I had got fed up of updating status in Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and other social networking sites. I had put up a status update on these sites which read “Mahesh Hegde is wondering how to generate revenue from the photos he has taken” I decided that I will first create a website, to showcase the photos I have taken. I am already sharing my photos on many other sites. Flickr is my favorite for the amazing slideshow interface they have. But that is something most people do these days.

I had a thought of an online photo gallery for a while. It was time I start doing something about it, so I decided to have an online photo gallery and a photo blog site to accompany the gallery and to share my views, both from my mind and from my camera. This statement eventually became the caption for my website.

I asked a couple of friends about the ways to start a website and have a gallery of my own. Subbu and Vybhav helped me out and gave me their suggestions. I went through lot of website links they sent me and understood that having a website has two layers:

1.       The hosting service

2.       Application or scripts that display the content

I selected hostmoster as a host and wordpress as my blogging application to start with. I am still figuring out how to create a photo gallery and an online store where you can buy the photos and use them. I am considering the Trendy Site builder that hostmoster provides and also Joomla Content Management for the gallery. I will update this blog as soon as I complete the gallery.

Ammedned: 18 Nov 2010

The trendy site builder was very flashy but not very flexible. Hence I tried and strongly recommend Concrete5 as a Content Management System (CMS) for your website. I also recommend WordPress for a blog which is feature rich and also user friendly.

Enjoy my views both from my mind and from my camera!